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CoolMoviez is one of the most visited websites that sells Hollywood and other copyrighted materials when they are released in movie theaters or on various other online portals. CoolMoviez particular online piracy site has an enormous portion of online users purchasing Bollywood and Hollywood movies with the help of the website. However, its commercial viability is questioned by several critics. Why is it a big threat to the upcoming Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) market share? Why is it being sued by the studios and how can it survive in an overcrowded online market?


Well, CoolMoviez was launched in 2001 with the original intention of providing quality Bollywood and Hollywood independent films direct from the directors. Initially, CoolMoviez was primarily targeted to serve as an alternative to the popular but dead Rambie online piracy website Tamil Beats. Tamil Beats used to be the most preferred Bollywood independent movie downloading website but it has lost its popularity due to the launch of competitors like Netflix, Vongo, etc. The chief challenge that the online movie rental service has faced is increasing membership levels and the resultant increase in price. To overcome this competitive issue and stay ahead of its competitors, CoolMoviez decided to launch their own website which offered all the latest movies for free with the added bonus of full movie downloads.


The website offers Bollywood, Hollywood and international movies in various genres like adventure, comedy, Drama, Fantasy, horror, sports and TV shows. A unique feature that is provided by coolMoviez is that they enable users to search and download movies based on genres. Thus, you can find the movie you want to watch or just browse through the latest releases and stream them instantly through your computer. It is quite interesting that the company also provides you the option to stream live video clips from different domains like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, etc.


The coolmoviez application is available to everyone for free using mobile devices, desktop computers and the Web browser on the internet. The user interface of the site looks similar to the popular Netflix application where you can search and browse through the titles according to the interest. There is a search bar provided on the right side, which helps you to locate and view all kinds of releases and newest releases from the world. The search bar can be customized using different search parameters such as title, actor, director, genre, actor's last name and many more. The latest releases from Indian Government are also listed in the search bar for the convenience of the users. There is also an option to add your personal notes to the movies such as casting suggestions and director's comment.


The entire website features a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for the visitors to navigate and find the information they need. It also offers different types of add-ons such as movie download history, rating system, special features and much more which will make the downloading process a fun experience. The coolMoviesz app offers various types of downloads such as pay per view movies, trailers, TV shows, short movies and many other categories. You can even get your old VHS tapes downloaded.


When you are already downloading the movies from the Cool Movies, you can choose to view them in different languages. This is very useful for people who are not aware of the language and want to watch the movies in their mother tongue. You can select from different languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Marri, Tamil, Kannada, etc. The library offers a huge variety of South Indian Movies. In addition to the languages, you also have access to the list of recent releases from India and US. The database covers different types of genres such as action, adventure, children, family, westerns, comedy, dramas, horror, home videos, romantic comedies, musicals, action/adventures, love stories, sport and much more.


According to the federal copyright act of India, it is prohibited to upload or copy any material or picture in such a manner that it may be construed as piracy. Thus Cool Moviesz does not allow people to download and view pirated movies or trailers. It is also not allowed to store the movies in the computer. There have been instances on the reported cases of hacking and illegal sharing of the movies. However, these instances do not affect the popularity and value of coolMoviesz as it continues to remain in top because of its legal downloads.


Most of the people who are downloading the movies through coolmoviez have no intention of pirating. They are simply using the coolmoviez platform to get all the latest movies that are available for free. The users can even rate, comment and share different types of movies they have watched. Thus this is one of the best platforms that can provide you with all the latest movies that you wish to watch without violating any copyrights.

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